Podcast Preview – June Update

So June was a bit short in terms of work because as I mentioned before I was traveling in Indonesia, but this did not stop me to have the best month in terms of revenue since I started my indie life!

Besides that, my Podcast Preview app had a great month in revenue too even though I only released a small update fixing bugs in June and shared two times in Facebook groups. That’s it. That’s all I worked on it in June but for July I am going to implement episode caching and better animations to make the app more appealing for everyone advertising his podcast.

According to the numbers, the downloads are 30% down this month with 102 units and the sales are 178% up thanks to the first professional yearly subscription making me $76.3 after Apple’s cut!

This was the reason I knew it’s gonna be a great month when I wrote the May update. Now the app made me $139 since it’s released which I believe is a nice indication that the idea is good enough. There were three apps released with the same purpose since I started sharing this in my blog, which I’m not gonna share here because I don’t want to drive traffic to their site! ?

I am going to have a bigger more detailed update at the end of July about my plans with this side project app and how I’m going to try to increase the number of downloads and revenue in the future, if you are interested, check this blog at the beginning of August!

Meanwhile, if you want to see more updates what am I working on, you can follow me on twitter @kovacsamate, where I am quite active nowadays!

That’s it for this month, thank you for reading it!

Podcast Preview – May Update

It’s a bit late because it’s the middle of June already, but I haven’t updated what happened with Podcast Preview in the second month of being out in the app store. There are two reasons why I did not write the update earlier. The first is that I am currently traveling in Bali for June so I’m not working that much and writing a blog post is not the most productive way to spend my time. This post will be a bit short and rambling because I just sat down to write it without a concept, so sorry about that!

The second reason is more interesting. It wasn’t a great month for Podcast Preview. The sales are down and the downloads are down too. It’s partly because I did not spend as much time on it as I planned and partly because a lot of competition appeared from nowhere, which I’m happy about it actually. I’m happy because it shows that there is a real market here and a lot of people are looking for solutions to this problem! But on the other hand, it makes my app harder to find so I have to work on this in the future.

So to the numbers:

I got $27.46 after Apple’s cut which is 21% lower than in the previous month and 153 downloads which are 8.9% lower than in April.

These do not look so promising but knowing that I had almost zero effort in this month on the app it’s not that bad! Especially knowing what happened in June already, which I’m gonna tell in the next update hopefully in two weeks! I’m uploading a new build to AppStore Connect today which will add a few new features and bug fixes which hopefully will help to convince the users to keep using my app after the first download.

So that’s it for April if you’re interested what happened in June, please check back in two weeks!