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Máté Kovács

iOS Developer in Barcelona


my name is Máté and I am an iOS developer with over 7 years of experience. I am here to make your app stand out from the App Store, and doing it with the highest quality. I do not only know how to build an app, I also know how to make an app to succeed in the App Store. How? I am currently working as an independent developer living off my sales from the App Store.

I started this journey at the beginning of 2017 and in just 6 months I reached the point where my app revenue was enough to cover my living expenses. Since 2017 I released 15 apps on my own and worked some clients projects too. My apps in total got 1,000,000 downloads in just 3 years and this number is increasing day-by-day.

Making a successful app is not only about making a really good looking app. You need to know about App Store search optimization, watch OS development, ideal screenshot, how to increase conversion rates, A-B testing, search ads, analytics and much more. The good thing is that I’m here to help. I did all these things and I know when and which one it the most important to focus on.

My portfolio:

Infinite Stories Icon

  Infinite Stories

This app is a video editor specified for Instagram Stories. It allows you to resize, add filters, add transitions and slice up the final video to 15 seconds pieces.

Technologies: Swift, AVFoundation, Custom Animations, In-app purchases, Firebase

   Correct Me English grammar checker

Correct Me is an app to check your spelling before sending a professional email. It’s a simple service to avoid typos and basic grammar mistakes.

Technologies: Swift, Web APIs, JSON parsing, Networking, Animations, In-app purchases, Subscriptions

Video Resizer for IGTV

This app makes people able to resize any video to any other formats including portrait and landscape video sizes. It also enables to set custom background including the blurred video or a custom image.

Technologies: Swift, AVFoundation, In-app purchases, Firebase

I have many more apps, you can check them in the app store and if you would like to see my previous freelance projects contact me.

If you think we can work well together and you have a great idea for your app, then please send me an email to me (at) matekovacs.com to discuss the details.