Some news from me:

In the last few years, I spent most of my time on my existing apps and I still do this full-time with a help of a few exceptionally talented people.

I stopped sharing my progress publicly because of two reasons: I found that more and more people are copying my work if I share my results. And this leads to the second reason: because of that I’m not willing to share exact numbers here, therefore I don’t feel my posts would be that useful anymore.

I was lucky enough to acquire the domain and I will try to drive more traffic to that. So If you want to check out what is it about, just open the link above. It’s one of my app that I work on for quite a while now, surprisingly it’s a Teleprompter app in which soon I’ll have an Android and a Mac app as well!

So that’s it. I’m still active on twitter and maybe in the future I’ll be back to writing as well.

Thanks for reading!

How to post landscape videos to IGTV

Now that IGTV is released and it will make portrait videos more popular, there is the same problem that we had with Instagram Stories in the beginning.

There is no way to post landscape videos.

By default, it’ll be zoomed in and crops about 70% of the content. I believe this is not a good way to share your videos. That’s why I decided to make the app, Video Resizer for IGTV.  It is a really simple app, that helps you to resize your landscape videos into portrait orientation. It also has some features to select the background to a solid color, a gradient, or the blurred version of the original video.

First I thought if I center the videos that probably will be good enough but by checking the layout of the IGTV app, I realized that the controls of the application is on the bottom half of the screen, so if I want to share a landscape video on IGTV, then I need to convert it in a way to show it in the top third of the screen.

If you want, you can add titles above and below your videos easily within the app as well.

So far the app got some attention and I hope it will be the number 1 app for video resizing for IGTV. The truth is that the app is out for a 1.5 month now, but the video resizing is a really popular niche with lots of great apps and by advertising, as an IGTV resizer I think I have better chances than trying to be a major player in the bigger market immediately. Maybe later I’ll be able to move to other formats too. Btw the app also supports other formats so if you would like to resize any videos, it’s the perfect choice!

If you want to download it, in the app store by clicking here!