Some news from me:

In the last few years, I spent most of my time on my existing apps and I still do this full-time with a help of a few exceptionally talented people.

I stopped sharing my progress publicly because of two reasons: I found that more and more people are copying my work if I share my results. And this leads to the second reason: because of that I’m not willing to share exact numbers here, therefore I don’t feel my posts would be that useful anymore.

I was lucky enough to acquire the domain and I will try to drive more traffic to that. So If you want to check out what is it about, just open the link above. It’s one of my app that I work on for quite a while now, surprisingly it’s a Teleprompter app in which soon I’ll have an Android and a Mac app as well!

So that’s it. I’m still active on twitter and maybe in the future I’ll be back to writing as well.

Thanks for reading!