Building apps is about serving people

I just had one of my best days since I started this experience. I wanted to seem like a professional business. I used “we” instead of “I”, I also called my users in the app professionally. What I did change in the last months is that I changed my communication back to what I really am, as an indie dev, who has just trying to figure this out.

My sales are growing so it may be better to be honest about being small and not trying to impress everybody. I made a few changes, in the in-app purchases I tell to the users that by buying my app, he/she is supporting me personally to keep working on these apps.

I also started an experiment, I wanted to thank the people who spend some time suggesting features to me in emails. Of course, I replied to all of the emails I got, but I wanted something more. So I started thanking the suggestions in my release notes personally. This is not a big deal for me, it takes a few second, but sometimes it makes them smile when they read my update notes. Or at least I hope! There is some proof that this works as well. I got 5-star reviews from people who read my release notes.

This is helping my sales for sure, but what happened yesterday was different. About two weeks ago, I got an email from a guy from Brazil that he purchased the pro mode of my Instagram story creator app, Infinite Stories, but he can not place a square video in the middle. This was something I never tested, I don’t know why but I only used videos which had 16:9 ratio for testing the app. So I replied that yeah that is not working, but I’m on it and I’ll release a new version of the app as soon as possible. What I also wrote was that if it’s urgent, please send me the video and I’ll slice it up for your once I fixed the app, so he doesn’t have to wait for Apple’s review cycle. He was really happy that I offered this, we chatted back and forth, and once he sent me the video, I was already finished the bugfix, so I whilst I travelled with the metro to the gym, I instantly generated the sliced video, uploaded it to my google drive, and sent him a link to access it. It didn’t take me more than a minute.

This guy is an Instagram Influencer, he has almost 10k followers on the platform. After this, I also included it in my release note that this guy, Duca helped me spotting this bug. Yesterday he shared a story about my app and underlined that he was mentioned in the release notes. What I saw from the download and revenue numbers is that influencers have a power. The downloads are up than it was before, and for this app in sales term, this was the best day since it’s out.

So the biggest takeaway for me is building apps is about serving people, just like the title says and to be good at it requires the same as any other businesses, the best customer service you can give.

I wanted to share this story with you guys, cause it definitely made my day when I watched that story, and thanks Duca for this, I’ll release the next version of the app on the weekend, with some requested improvements and feature and I won’t forget to write a release note!

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